Our climate risk team

Our growing team of specialists has experience in multiple sectors and jurisdictions with a focus on climate risk and strategy.

Senior Team

Craig Stevens


Craig is an energy professional with more than fifteen years of experience working with companies across the energy spectrum.

Cillian Barry


Cillian has experience helping companies to quantify their carbon footprint and develop comprehensive sustainability strategies. He has spent time carrying out paleoclimate research, where he developed a strong understanding of the physical basis of climate change.

Zainab Zaki

Marketing Manager

Zainab has a Bachelors degree in film and design and a Masters in digital marketing management. She has a keen interest in storytelling, using creative and digital tools to build the identity of businesses online.
Team photo

Catherine Johnson


Catherine is both an earth scientist and climate professional with experience in the renewable sector and policy work. She has worked on climate research on the international stage and is now using those skills to help businesses achieve their climate goals.
Senior Adviser

Andy Hartree

Senior Adviser

Andy is a highly experienced industry professional and market risk management expert with a background in oil refining. He is a trained Chemical Engineer with hands-on experience of the physical demands and logistics of the entire process of turning crude oil into an end product.